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FDP Announces First Spanish-Language TV Ad

Today Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant and FDP Political Director Christian Ulvert announced the Party’s first Spanish-language television ad of the 2014 gubernatorial election.

FDP Chair Allison Tant said, “In this ad we focus on the incredible damage Rick Scott has done to Florida’s education system. Rick Scott cut $1.3 billion dollars from public schools and he increased tuition at 11 state universities, reducing opportunity for Florida’s students. It is vital for us to continue sharing those facts of Rick Scott’s awful record with Florida’s Hispanic community.”

FDP Political Director Christian Ulvert said, “As Allison said, these cuts to education have hit minorities — especially Florida’s Hispanic community — the hardest. More than half of Florida’s black and Hispanic students will no longer qualify for Bright Futures scholarships under Rick Scott’s latest round of cuts. How can Rick Scott claim to be a friend to this Hispanic community when he is closing the doors of opportunity to tens of thousands of Hispanic students trying to get into college?” 

“On issue after issue Rick Scott has failed the Hispanic community, and this ad is part of our continued strategy, taking our messaging directly to the voters.” 

The TV ad will be playing in the Tampa, Orlando, and Miami media markets. 

Watch the 30-second TV ad here:

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