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VIDEO: Rick Scott Dodges the Question FOUR Times About On-Duty Cops

Rick Scott spent all last week dodging your questions about his shady back room deals for All Aboard Florida and his illegal use of on-duty cops at political events. 

This morning, reporters yet again asked Rick Scott to come clean about his misleading use of on-duty law enforcement: 

1. “Did you really think that all of those deputies were off duty?” 

2. “Did you think it was a problem to have on-duty law enforcement there?” 

3. “You didn’t answer that question. Should there be discipline?” 

4. “Do you think it’s okay for them to be there on-duty?” 

What did Rick Scott have to say? Absolutely nothing. Four times in a row.

As always, Rick Scott is refusing to take responsibility for what happens under his watch. When Rick Scott can’t even take responsibility for what happens on his campaign — when he can’t even answer 4 simple questions — how can we trust him with 4 more years? 

Click here to watch Rick Scott ignore the question FOUR times this morning…

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