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In Florida and Nationwide, Rick Scott is Under Fire for his Misleading Double Talk

Rick Scott can’t give a straight answer to a simple question — every reporter knows that. Now, Floridians statewide are seeing the stupefying double talk Scott uses to avoid answering the simplest questions — like, “Do you support raising the minimum wage?”

Rick Scott’s refusal to answer basic questions spread like wildfire on TV last night. Here are some highlights from CNN, MSNBC, Fort Myers, Tampa Bay, Tallahassee, and Orlando…

Anderson Cooper 360: “It Just Insults Everybody’s Intelligence”

Hardball with Chris Matthews: “Watch As He Dodges the Question – Not Once, But 4 Times in a Row”

WTSP: “Gov. Scott Still Not Answering Questions”

WTVT: “He Dodged a Big One on the Minimum Wage”

WOFL: “His Non-Answer When Asked if He Supports Raising the Minimum Wage in Florida”

WTXL: “Scott Accused of Dodging Questions”

WFTX: “Is Governor Rick Scott Avoiding Your Questions — Again?!”

WBBH: “Rick Scott is Being Accused of Dodging Questions by a Series of Reporters”

Rachel Maddow Show: “The Canned Response Hall of Fame”

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