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In Miami, Will Rick Scott Finally Tell the Truth? Not Likely.

Earlier today in Orlando, Rick Scott got asked again — why did he illegally use police officers as props in his campaign events? 

The governor responded that he’s “always going to do the right thing” — and in a bizarre twist, actually blamed Charlie Crist for Scott’s own campaign’s failure to follow the law. 

Rick Scott? Always do the right thing? 

Maybe he should start by actually answering a question, like some of these that Floridians deserve to hear answered: 

1. Why are you refusing to answer questions about on-duty cops being invited to your campaign events? What are you hiding? 

2. A group of concerned scientists have requested a meeting with you to discuss the facts of climate change. Will you meet with them? (source)

3. Given new evidence that All Aboard Florida is accepting hundreds of millions in state funding, were you lying or just misinformed when you claimed all last week that AAF “is 100% private venture. It’s a private company”? (source) 

4. Is your support for All Aboard Florida, which will run from Miami or Orlando, why your vetoed High Speed Rail between Tampa and Orlando? (source)

5. If you refuse to answer the most simple questions, why should Floridians trust you with another 4 years?

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