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Questions Rick Scott Needs to Answer in Orlando Today

Why does Rick Scott refuse to answer questions?

For the last two days in Tampa, Rick Scott has ignored questions, about his chief of staff’s shady connections to All Aboard Florida and his campaign’s illegal use of on-duty police officers at campaign events. 

Now he’s coming to Orlando this morning, and that means it’s time for another installation of… 

Questions Rick Scott Needs to (But Probably Won’t) Answer

1. Why are you refusing to answer questions about on-duty cops being invited to your campaign events? What are you hiding? 

2. On Monday your campaign said it has not adopted new procedures to prevent misleading on-duty officers from coming to future campaign events under the guise of security. Why is that? (source) 

3. Given new evidence that All Aboard Florida is accepting hundreds of millions in state funding, were you lying or just misinformed when you claimed all last week that AAF “is 100% private venture. It’s a private company”? (source) 

4. Is your support for All Aboard Florida why your vetoed High Speed Rail between Tampa and Orlando? (source)

5. If you refuse to answer the most simple questions, why should Floridians trust you with another 4 years?

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