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Does Rick Scott Support or Oppose Marriage Equality? He Won't Say.

Rick Scott? Give a straight answer to a simple question? Of course not. Today, the governor was asked if he would fight the recent Florida court decision in favor of marriage equality. 

Scott’s answer?

You guessed it. Four times, Rick Scott refused to answer the question:

1. “Are you and Pam Bondi going to challenge the same sex marriage ruling in Monroe County?” 

2. “So are you saying that you would like for Pam Bondi to refrain from challenging this?”

3. “But what do you want?” 

4. “So you’re saying you want people to go to court?” 

Every single time, Rick Scott refused to give the people a direct answer on the civil rights issue of our time. No wonder Floridians just don’t trust this governor. 

Click here to watch the unbelievable double talk on marriage equality from Rick Scott.

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