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Rick Scott to Fundraise With "CEO Who Makes Millions Locking Up Immigrants"

Today, Rick Scott finds himself in hot water over a fundraiser yet again — this time for a $10,000-a-plate event with a CEO who profits off of locking up immigrants in some of the most brutal conditions in America.

Hunger strikes. Suicides. Maggots in the food. Inadequate medical treatment. That’s how George Zoley makes the money that he plans on using to bankroll Rick Scott. 

This is the company Rick Scott keeps. 

Of course, Zoley and Rick Scott’s pay-to-play dealmaking has a long history. Scott has been a staunch advocate for the prison privatization that has made Zoley rich, while Zoley has donated hundreds of thousands to Scott’s reelection effort — and even donated $20,000 to redecorate Scott’s residence in the governor’s mansion.

The fundraiser, reported today by Mother Jones, is currently scheduled for Monday, July 21. “The governor’s cozy relationship with the operator of some of the country’s biggest immigrant detention centers might not go over well with Latino constituents, who tend to oppose federal immigration detention policies,” Mother Jones reports. 

This fundraising controversy comes on the heels of last month’s debacle that resulted in Rick Scott canceling a fundraiser with felon tax cheat Jim Batmasian.

… and don’t forget about the time before that, when Scott cancelled a fundraiser to go alligator hunting. 

… and don’t forget about the time before that, when Scott rescheduled an execution to accommodate a fundraiser

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