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VIDEO: The evidence piles up against Rick Scott's double talk

The police officers say Rick Scott’s campaign misled them into appearing at a campaign event, so Scott’s campaign has spent the whole week throwing the cops under the bus.

But the evidence just keeps piling up against Rick Scott. 

First, the Tampa Bay Times revealed that that the Hillsborough sheriff’s office bans deputies from going to campaign events. So Scott wants Floridians to believe the deputies violated their own policies? 

And the Times reports that the hosts of Scott’s event explicitly called for local cops to attend, failing to mention the campaign at all. And Rick Scott still expects Floridians to believe that he clearly told the cops the event was for his political campaign? 

Florida deserves better than a governor who blames our law enforcement for his own failings.

Meanwhile, Rick Scott’s refusal to answer questions is continuing to spark outrage. Last night, WTVT aired a 4-minute report on Rick Scott’s refusal to discuss issues with the media. Anchor John Wilson said, “This is just part of the game, part of the Governor’s plan.”

Click here to watch WTVT’s special report on Rick Scott’s double talk.


This week, Rick Scott proved once again why Floridians just can’t trust him: he will always use double-talk, he will never be straightforward, and he will never be honest.

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