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Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won't) Answer in Boca Raton Today

Rick Scott is campaigning in Boca Raton this morning, and he’ll be talking about… actually, does it matter? The fact is, Scott is going to deliver some poll-tested soundbites, regardless how misleading they are, and then try to avoid the tough questions. 

That means it’s time for other installment of…

Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer

1. You are refusing to discuss your opinion on marriage equality. Do you think gay marriage is a sin? Do you think homosexuality is a sin? (source)

2. Given that the company you ran committed the largest Medicare fraud in history, why did you veto funding to fight health care fraud last month? (source)

3. You claim All Aboard Florida costs Florida nothing, so are you aware that Orlando Airport is getting $200 million in taxpayer funding for a new terminal, and South Florida rail lines are getting another $50 million? (source)

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