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In Central Florida, Will Rick Scott Answer A Single Important Question?

Rick Scott is campaigning in Central Florida today, and he’ll be talking about jobs and the space industry — but he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Under Rick Scott, Florida lost the contract for SpaceX’s new headquarters. As the Orlando Sentinel reports “at stake are hundreds of jobs — perhaps thousands in the future — and billions of dollars for the Space Coast.”

Well, if Rick Scott won’t answer questions, that means it’s time for another episode of…

Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer

1. This is your first visit to the space coast since SpaceX announced it would not build their launch headquarters in Florida. Isn’t this a a crushing blow to this region’s economic future that happened on your watch? (source) 

2. You are refusing to discuss your opinion on gay marriage, even though you admit you voted for the ban six years ago. Do you think gay marriage is a sin? What do you believe about marriage equality today? (source) 

3. The company you ran committed the largest Medicare fraud in American history, so  why did you veto funding to fight health care fraud last month? (source) 

4. Yesterday, you said again that All Aboard Florida is a private venture that doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything — so are you aware that Orlando Airport is getting $200 million in taxpayer funding for a new terminal, and South Florida rail lines are getting another $50 million? (source)

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