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Rick Scott Must Divest From Gas Pipeline Project He Approved

As Broward Bulldog, WFTV, and Time have reported, Rick Scott’s financial stake in the gas pipeline project he approved raises serious concerns about his conflict of interest. While the governor insists he approved the pipeline without knowledge of the contents of his blind trust, it has now become clear that he he stands to make a profit from the construction of the pipeline.

To avoid the clearly blatant conflict of interest, the governor must divest himself of all interests in the Sable Trail Pipeline immediately.

As Broward Bulldog reported, Rick Scott’s blind trust, run by a long-time Scott employee Alan Bazaar, has been “ineffective in keeping the governor’s assets secret.” Integrity Florida executive director Dan Krassner added, “Flawed policies like blind trusts and political appointees issuing advisory opinions on what’s ethical” are signs of institutional corruption.

“It’s been clear for years that Rick Scott’s blind trust is anything but blind — it’s an excuse to keep Floridians in the dark,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “While transparent and ethically sound decisions may seem like a foreign concept to Rick Scott, the people of Florida expect their leaders to do the right thing and avoid blatant conflict of interest. Floridians of all political leanings can agree that public officials should not get richer because of the projects they approve.”

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