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Rick Scott Talks Jobs In Pinellas. Only Problem? He Hasn't Created Any.

Rick Scott is campaigning in Clearwater today, and he will no doubt be talking about jobs. But unfortunately for Scott, Pinellas County has seen just how empty the governor’s jobs rhetoric really is. 

As the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald have reported, Rick Scott has made 10 jobs promises to Pinellas County and failed to deliver on a single one — despite dolling out $600,000 in taxpayer funds and promising $11 million more. See the Times-Herald report for yourself:  

Since it’s not likely Rick Scott will answer questions about his dismal record, it’s time for another episode of…  

Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer 

1. Now that you know you have a large financial stake in the construction of a new gas pipeline, will you divest yourself of these assets? Don’t you agree that public officials should not enrich themselves from the state contracts they approve? (source) 

2. The company you ran committed the largest Medicare fraud in American history, so  why did you veto funding to fight health care fraud last month? (source) 

3. You’ve repeatedly said that All Aboard Florida is a private venture that doesn’t cost the taxpayers anything — so are you aware that Orlando Airport is getting $200 million in taxpayer funding for a new terminal, and South Florida rail lines are getting another $50 million? (source) 

4. You say you support banning marriage equality but oppose discrimination? How is that not a contradiction? (source

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