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Rick Scott's All Aboard Absurdity

If you ask Rick Scott about All Aboard Florida, he knows just what to say: “It’s a private venture.” No matter what the question, that’s the talking point you’ll get. Ask him about the hundreds of millions in public dollars going to the project, he’ll mislead you and say “it’s a private venture.” 

This morning, WFLA asked Rick Scott if All Aboard Florida should build a stop in Tampa. Rick Scott’s response: “It’s a private company.” Three times. In a row.

Rick Scott supported AAF years before the plan went public. His chief of staff lobbied for the project in violation of Scott’s own ethics rules. Scott owes Floridians a straight answer. But what question will Rick Scott not answer with that one dishonest — and completely  irrelevant — talking point?

Floridians are wondering, how simple does a question have to be to get a straight answer about All Aboard Florida? Maybe these are simple enough…

– Will you take a ride on an All Aboard Florida train when it’s completed? 

– Do you know that All Aboard Florida uses trains? 

– Do you know that “all aboard” is what the conductor says right before a train leaves? 

– What noise does a train make?

Rick Scott is so dedicated to misleading the public with his talking points that no matter the question, he’ll repeat his lies to the point of absurdity. Where does Rick Scott’s ride on the malarkey train end? 

… apparently not in Tampa. 

Click here to watch Rick Scott refuse to answer the most simple questions about All Aboard Florida. 

Video Transcript: 

Q: Governor, on transportation, would you like to see All Aboard Florida make a stop here in Tampa?
Scott: Well, All Aboard is a private company.

Q: But would you support that?
Scott: All Aboard is a private company, I just want to make sure they listen to the public and make their decisions based on that. 

Q: And would you like to see a stop in Tampa?
Scott: Well, it’s a private venture, I want them to make sure they make their own decisions. 

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