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Will Rick Scott Answer Tough (or Any) Questions in the Panhandle?

Rick Scott is campaigning in Panama City and Pensacola today, where he will no doubt deliver his tired and debunked talking points about his record on jobs. Unfortunately for Bay and Escambia County, Scott’s rhetoric just doesn’t meet reality

As the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald have reported, Rick Scott promised more than fourteen hundred jobs to Bay County and only delivered 84  — despite pledging to spend over $6.4 million in taxpayer dollars. 

The news is even worse for Escambia County, where Rick Scott promised more than 2,600 jobs — at a cost of $8.2 million to taxpayers — and has failed to create even one. 

Since it’s not likely Rick Scott will answer questions about his record of failure, it’s time for another installment of…  

Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer

1. Another court has ruled against Florida’s ban on marriage quality. What is your opinion on the ruling? (source

2. With thousands of veterans in Bay County and the Panhandle lacking health insurance, why do you oppose expanding access to get them the health care they need? (source) 

3. Will you divest yourself of your financial stake in the natural gas pipeline that will go through North Florida? Don’t you agree that you should not get even richer from the state contracts your appointees approve? (source)

4. The company you ran committed the largest Medicare fraud in American history, so why did you veto funding to fight health care fraud last month? (source)

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