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Will Rick Scott Answer Tough (or Any) Questions in Bonita Springs?

Today, at Rick Scott’s Bonita Springs campaign stop, the governor will no doubt deliver his misleading and debunked talking points about his record on Florida’s economy. Unfortunately for Lee County, Scott’s poll-tested rhetoric doesn’t match the reality middle class families are seeing each day. 

As the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald have reported, Rick Scott pledged more than $14 million in taxpayer dollars to create nearly 1,200 jobs in Lee County, but completely failed to deliver.

Since we all know that Rick Scott will try to “Oh, gosh…” and “So as you know…” his way out of answering the questions Floridians are asking, that means it’s time for another edition of…

Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer 

1. The company you ran committed the largest Medicare fraud in American history. Why did you veto funding to fight health care fraud last month? (source)

2. With thousands of veterans in Southwest Florida lacking health insurance, why do you oppose expanding access to get them the health care they need? (source) 

3. Do you think it’s wrong for public officials such as yourself to enrich themselves from the state contracts they approve? (source

4. You say you’re “against discrimination of any kind.” How do you feel about Pam Bondi spending taxpayer resources to fight for discriminatory polices, such as the state’s ban on marriage equality? (source

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