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Questions About Florida's Environment Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won't) Answer

Rick Scott’s on the stump today in Naples, talking about his environmental plan. But Floridians living in coastal communities know that this latest gimmick from the governor is a sham — four 4 years, Scott has given polluters free rein, while burying his head in the sand about rising sea levels.

So today, as Rick Scott demonstrates yet again that he will do or say anything to win, there remain tough questions he must answer before voters will consider this anything but another election-year gimmick…  

Questions About Florida’s Environment Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer

1.) Rick Scott says he’s “not been convinced that there’s any man-made climate change. Nothing’s convinced me that there is.” When will he accept the indisputable fact that climate change is already impacting Florida? When will he take action? (source)

2.) Why did Rick Scott fire 58 Department of Environmental Protection employees in 2012, and then fire DEP attorneys in 2013 — just for doing their job by going after polluters? As of just months ago, this governor was waging a war against the environmental protections he’s now claiming he supports. What changed? (source)

3.) If Rick Scott wants to help the environment, why did he sign into law a “huge rollback in state environmental protections” just last year? (source)

4.) Last year Rick Scott vetoed millions in environmental research funding. Why should Floridians trust him now? (source

Bonus Question: And while we’re at it, yesterday a judge in Broward County struck down their marriage equality ban. Rick Scott has said he supports traditional marriage, but does not support discrimination — two mutually exclusive positions. Does the governor have anything to say to the hundreds of thousands of Floridians residents who are celebrating this civil rights victory?

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