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What’s Rick Scott’s strategy for yes/no questions? Dodge, duck, and alienate voters.

Yesterday, Rick Scott refused four times in a row to answer, yes or no, if he believes climate change is real. What did he say? “I don’t think I’m qualified.”

Watch the video here:

You’re right, Rick. If you’re the governor of Florida — a state already feeling the effects of climate change — and you still cannot acknowledge scientific fact, you aren’t qualified to be governor.

But he wasn’t done yet. Next, when asked about minimum wage, Scott dismissed the idea — which is backed by an overwhelming majority of Floridians — as simply “job loss,” and refused to answer the question. When pressed on whether or not he supports any increase in the minimum wage, he again refused to answer with a yes or no.

I’m sure that answer gives comfort to the hundreds of thousands of hard-working Floridians struggling to make ends meet without a living wage.

Watch the video here:

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