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Talk Is Cheap: Rick Scott Must Show Leadership on Health Care Expansion

Today, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Rick Scott still maintains his support for expanding access to affordable heath care to nearly one million Floridians, saying his position hasn’t changed since coming out in favor of the proposal in early 2013. But this just raises more questions.

“With the legislature in special session right now, the opportunity has arisen for the third time in two years for Rick Scott to show leadership and take action to expand access to affordable health care to a million Floridans that are suffering every day,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “Talk is cheap, and for this governor to continue to play politics with an issue where thousands of lives are on the line is simply outrageous.  

“While Rick Scott is trying figure out who to pander to next, Floridians are dying. We need action. We need leadership. The time to expand access to health care is now, and the legislature is in a position to do so. The ball is in Rick Scott’s court. He can either stand up for the people of Florida, or he can continue his tired act of only pretending to care when it’s politically convenient.”

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