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FDP Statement on the Passage of New Congressional Maps

Today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement on the passage of the new Congressional maps by the Florida legislature: 

“Yet again, behind closed doors and without input from the public, Tallahassee Republicans have produced a Congressional map that they promise meets all of the obligations laid out under the Fair Districts Amendments. Floridians have heard all of these claims before. For over two years, the Republican leadership in the Florida legislature subjected Floridians to an expensive trial and hypocritically claimed that their secret, back-room dealings with political consultants were completely above board. As the judge’s ruling showed, that was complete nonsense, and they were found to have ‘made a mockery’ of the process. 

“Clearly the Republicans learned nothing from their public embarrassment. Hiding behind closed doors is how we ended up with this mess in the first place, and their assurances ring just as hollow as ever. This entire farce represents everything Floridians hate about Tallahassee’s broken politics.”

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