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Desperate for Votes, Scott Forgets He’s Ignored Veterans for 4 Years

Over the last few weeks, as Rick Scott has campaigned around the state, Floridians are seeing exactly how the governor’s rhetoric doesn’t match reality on issue after issue. This week, Rick Scott is talking about veterans — a group Rick Scott seems happy to ignore unless he can score political points.  

“Rick Scott’s shame knows no bounds. This week he’s using Florida’s veterans as a political football to campaign for reelection on the taxpayer’s dime. Our retired service members deserve better. If Rick Scott truly cared about Florida’s veterans, he would have accepted federal funding to expand access to health care for over 40,000 veterans who need it,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Joshua Karp. 

“For months, leaders across Florida have said Rick Scott should call the legislature into special session to expand access to health care. Scott’s allies in the legislature could have done just that during the recent special session, but they refused to discuss it and Scott himself remained completely silent. Scott’s refusal to help 40,000 Florida veterans get the health care they deserve shows Floridians just how wrong Rick Scott’s priorities truly are.”

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