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New Web Ad “Important” Highlights Rick Scott’s Latest Scandal Involving Secret Email Accounts

Today, the Florida Democratic Party released a new web ad titled “Important” highlighting how some things never change with Rick Scott. In 1995 Rick Scott had to answer for secret files his hospital company was keeping. Now Scott has to answer for the secret email accounts he used to conduct state business outside of the sunshine.  

What’s clear for all Floridians to see is that Rick Scott has spent his entire career breaking the rules and then pleading the fifth when he gets caught. 

“Floridians know that Rick Scott has spent his entire career in the shadows, refusing to answer questions, take responsibility, or play by the rules,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “Now we’ve learned that Rick Scott was using private emails to conduct state business out of the sunshine. While these revelations are certainly not surprising, it perfectly underscores exactly why Floridans cannot trust Rick Scott with another four years.” 

Click here to watch the new ad:

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