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A Mind-Boggling Collection of Rick Scott's Most Blatant Dodges

American Bridge has put together a scary and mind-boggling collection of Rick Scott’s most blatant dodges. Check it out at

As questions continue to mount about the governor’s secret trips to King Ranch, Rick Scott keeps stonewalling. Confronted by the press yesterday, he delivered this mind-numbingly off-topic answer: “I had a great shot. I like hunting.” 

When pressed, Scott dropped any pretense of dodging the question and simply responded, “Any other questions?” Floridians have never trusted Rick Scott, and this is why. When push comes to shove, he refuses to show leadership, take responsibility, or even give a simple straight answer — just like he did when he was under investigation for the largest Medicare fraud in history.  

As Rick Scott would say, “Oh gosh.”

Watch the latest video here:

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