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Love is Love: It’s Time Rick Scott and Pam Bondi Stop Standing in the Way of Equality

Today, FDP Political Director Christian Ulvert, State Representative Joe Saunders, and Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus President Sally Phillips held a conference call in response to the overturning of Florida’s marriage equality ban, and called on Rick Scott to end his defense of this bigoted law.

“Although the judge’s ruling clearly outlined exactly why Florida’s marriage equality ban is unconstitutional, Rick Scott and Pam Bondi are still trying to stand in the way of equality,” said FDP Political Director Christian Ulvert. “It is well past time the Scott administration end their bigoted crusade against loving couples like me and my husband Carlos. Why can’t Rick Scott understand what the majority of Floridians already know — love is love.”  

“For too long, Rick Scott has deflected, bobbed, and weaved on the civil rights issue of our time, and Floridians have a right to know where he stands,” said Representative Joe Saunders. “We want to know if Rick Scott is going to stand on the right side of history or play the same politics as usual by refusing to even take a position. So far Scott has shown absolutely no leadership on this issue, and Florida deserves better.”

“While this ruling is a tremendous step forward for marriage equality in our state, the fight is not yet over,” said Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus President Sally Phillips. “Rick Scott and Pam Bondi must end their taxpayer-funded defense of this discriminatory law. The majority of Floridians support equality and it’s time our leaders in Tallahassee did the same.”

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