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Florida Ratepayer, Rep. Dwight Dudley Condemn Rick Scott’s Blank Check to Big Utilities

Today, Representative Dwight Dudley and Pinellas County resident and ratepayer Tiffany Cornelius condemned the blank check Rick Scott and Tallahassee Republicans have given to Duke Energy and the Big Utilities across Florida. 

“For years, Duke Energy and the Big Utilities in Florida have ripped off ratepayers while their profits have soared. They have given out millions in campaign donations to keep the legislature and Rick Scott in their pocket. The governor has refused to help middle class Floridians struggling to keep up with ever-increasing utility rates, and that’s unacceptable and outrageous. Governor Crist stood strong against the utility companies and Rick Scott has shown that he is completely uninterested and unwilling to do the right thing,” said Representative Dwight Dudley.

“Rick Scott just doesn’t get it. As a single-income family working hard to make ends meet, we’ve seen our utility rates soar while the governor and Tallahassee Republicans continue to rake in campaign cash from Duke Energy and other big utilities. Rick Scott has given Duke Energy a blank check from the people of Florida, and we are sick and tired of it. It’s time Florida had a governor who understands the problems middle class Floridians are facing and is willing to stand up to the utility corporations who keep ripping off ratepayers. Charlie Crist did just that when he was governor, and ratepayers are ready to have an ally in the governor’s office again,” said Tiffany Cornelius. 

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