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Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won't) Answer in Boca Raton

Today, as Rick Scott brings his roadshow of empty promises to Boca Raton, the governor will offer more reelection rhetoric to mislead voters. Unfortunately for Scott, voters have heard him make promises before — and they’ve seen the results.  

In 2010, Scott promised to cut taxes. But after he was elected, Florida families ended up paying $400 million more in property taxes than they did under Charlie Crist. Floridians know that if Scott is reelected, he’ll deliver nothing but taxpayer giveaways to special interests and big corporations — just like he’s done over the last four years. 

Since we all know Rick Scott prefers to hide from or lie to Floridians about where he stands on the important issues facing our state, it’s time for another edition of… 

Questions Rick Scott Should (But Probably Won’t) Answer 

1) Considering you’ve slamed Duke Energy in television ads for ripping off Floridians, will you return the $100,000 they donated to your reelection effort last quarter?  

2) In 2010 you said you’d lower property taxes, but instead you have allowed them to go up b y$400 million. Why?

3) A judge has issued a statewide ruling striking down Florida’s ban on marriage equality. You’ve said you don’t support discrimination. How long will your administration continue to stand in the way of equality by appealing these decisions? 

4) You’ve stated multiple times that your administration did not use private emails to conduct state business despite this being demonstrably false. Why do you continue to lie to Floridians? Why do you go to such great lengths to hide from the sunshine laws?

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