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Rick Scott got 25 grand. What did Floridians get?

What Rick Scott Got: $25,000 from the Koch Brothers. As the Tampa Bay Times reported yesterday, “The conservative billionaire Koch brothers wrote the committee the largest check of the period — $25,000, according to reports filed at the Florida Division of Elections.”

What Floridians Got: 400 fewer jobs when the Koch Brothers closed a small town’s biggest factory. In 2011, a Koch Brothers owned company closed its plant in Alachua County, putting 400 Floridians out of work. As the Miami Herald reported in last year, “After two years the mill stands shuttered. Many of its employees have found other jobs but at lower wages, and local community leaders, who had hoped to get help from the state, say they are on their own… The story of Hawthorne is not one Gov. Rick Scott talks about on his public relations roadshow as the state’s ‘jobs’ governor. It is a tale of the tens of thousands of private sector jobs lost in Florida since Scott took office in January 2011.”

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