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A New Low, Even for Rick Scott

As Rick Scott campaigns in Orlando today, questions remain about the growing controversy involving his campaign’s Nixonian attempts at intimidating Charlie Crist donors and their practice of photographing the license plates of Democratic event attendees. As the AP reported yesterday, Republican Party of Florida staffers filmed guests as they got out of their cars, took pictures of guests’ license plates, and scared children by showing up at a private home in prisoner uniforms while shouting. 

This is a new low even for the Scott campaign, and the governor must answer for the actions of his staff. 

Here are five questions Floridians deserve answers to about Rick Scott’s Nixonian campaign tactics:  

1) Why are your staff members photographing and filming private citizens attending Charlie Crist events? 

2) Who told your staff to take pictures of private citizens attending a campaign event at a private home?

3) Why has your campaign made a practice of photographing the license plates of Democratic event attendees?

4) Are state resources being used to run license plates of Florida Democrats?

5) Is it true that your staff called at least one of the attendees the day after the event to inform them that they’d been filmed entering a Crist fundraiser?

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