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Rick Scott Must Return $100,000 Contributed by Loan Fraudster (Updated)


Well, that was fast. Shortly after the spotlight was turned Rick Scott’s fundraising with a businessman arrested by the FBI for massive fraud (Facebook photos still available here), Scott’s campaign and the Republican Party of Florida announced they would return the six-figure pile of cash.

Looks like Rick Scott’s experience with elaborate fraud schemes and federal investigations is paying off — he knows exactly how to get away Scott-free. Some things never change.


Scott Contributor was Arrested by FBI for Masterminding $150 Million Scheme

Today, Florida Democrats called on Rick Scott to return $100,000 in campaign contributions from Nikesh Patel, a Florida businessman arrested Wednesday by the FBI on criminal fraud charges. 

On October 1, Patel was arrested by the FBI for running a $150 million fraud scheme, “falsely representing that loans he sold were guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, when they were not.”

Just months ago, in April, Patel donated $100,000 to Rick Scott and threw him a lavish fundraiser:

“Rick Scott must immediately return this tainted cash,” said Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant. “Rick Scott lent his name and his reputation to a suspected criminal, and in return got a six-figure check for his reelection. Now it has come to light that this individual has been arrested by the FBI for perpetrating a $150 million dollar crime. If Rick Scott has any respect for the people he serves and the office he holds, he will do the right thing and return the money. After all, who else would know more about perpetrating fraud and being the target of federal investigations than Rick Scott?”



Businessman Nik Patel arrested on $150M federal fraud charges. ”Authorities say Patel fraudulently sold $150 million in loans to an unidentified Milwaukee company. The FBI alleges he sold the loans as being guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture when they were not.”(Orlando Sentinel, 10/2/14

Nikesh Patel held Rick Scott fundraiser at home, donated $100,000. “Orlando hotelier Nik Patel, who was arrested Tuesday on fraud allegations, held a fundraiser for Gov. Rick Scott at his home in Windermere in April. An April 30 post on Patel’s company Facebook page shows a photo of Scott standing next to Patel. The post thanks people for coming to the party…State records show Patel also donated $100,000 to the Republican Party of Florida in April.” (Orlando Sentinel, 10/2/14)

Photos of Rick Scott and Nikesh Patel. (Alena Hospitality Facebook Page, accessed 10/2/14)

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