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Your Turn, Rick Scott

Michigan’s GOP Governor Condemns “Say Yes” Ads as “Dumb and Offensive” 

Today, Michigan’s Republican Governor Rick Snyder condemned the College Republicans’ new “Say Yes” ads as “dumb and offensive.” Both Rick Scott and Rick Snyder were the beneficiaries of the ads, which have been named “the Most Sexist Republican Ad of the Year” by Time magazine. So far, Rick Scott has refused to comment on the incredibly offensive and demeaning ads.  

“It’s past time Rick Scott condemn these sexist ads being run in his name by the College Republican National Committee,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “By refusing to speak out against such demeaning ads, Rick Scott further underscores what Florida’s women already know: he just doesn’t get it. From refusing to support equal pay for women to restricting a woman’s access to health care, it’s clear that Rick Scott is not on the side of Florida women.  

“If one Republican governor named Rick can condemn these blatantly sexist ads, the other can too. It’s your turn, Rick Scott.” 


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