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FDP Statement on Bondi’s Laughable Corruption Claim

Tonight, during the Florida Attorney General debate, Pam Bondi claimed that it was “not appropriate” to criticize Rick Scott’s administration as “corrupt.” In response, FDP Chair Allison Tant released the following statement:  

“Pam Bondi’s claim that criticizing Rick Scott for corruption is ’not appropriate’ is as laughable as it is hypocritical. Rick Scott made his millions defrauding seniors at Columbia HCA and ended up paying the largest fine for Medicare fraud in American history. His administration has been run in the same manor as it has lurched from one corruption scandal to another over the last four years. Be it his previous chief of staff, who was forced to resign after being caught driving no-bid contracts to his friends, or his current chief of staff who killed high-speed rail to pave the way for a program that would enrich his former employers, Rick Scott and corruption go hand in hand. 

“Considering how many taxpayer dollars Rick Scott has given to his wealthy campaign contributors, I would say there are millions of reasons why Rick Scott is corrupt. And if Pam Bondi still requires more proof, she need only think back to when she had Rick Scott reschedule an execution so she could hold a fundraiser for her reelection.” 

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