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Rick Scott and Chris Christie: Wrong for Women, Families and the Middle Class

Today, as Rick Scott campaigns with Chris Christie, it’s important to examine just how both governors have failed the women, families, and middle class they were elected to serve: 

EQUAL PAY: Both Rick Scott and Christie oppose equal pay laws for women. Rick Scott’s campaign called paycheck fairness “unacceptable” and Chris Christie deemed it “senseless.” 

MINIMUM WAGE: Both Scott and Christie oppose raising the minimum wage. Scott stated that the prospect makes him “cringe” while Christie vetoed a minimum wage increase saying it was “truly ridiculous” and ”just an irresponsible thing to do.”  

JOB GROWTH: Both Scott and Christie’s record on job growth has left the middle class out in the cold. Scott campaigned on the promise to create 1.7 million jobs and has fallen well short of his goal. Now he’s trying to move the goal posts and denies ever making the promise. Under Chris Christie, New Jersey is 48th in the nation in private sector job growth.

“They say birds of a feather flock together, and that certainly is true with Rick Scott and Chris Christie — two scandal-plagued governors who have failed women, families, and the middle class every step of the way,” said FDP Chair Allison Tant. “From opposing equal pay for women to mocking the concept of allowing hardworking people to earn a living wage, Scott and Christie could not be more out of touch with the middle class, and their dismal records reflect that reality.”

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