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FACT CHECK: Rick Scott’s Claims On Charlie Crist and Duke Energy

CLAIM: Rick Scott says Charlie Crist let Duke Energy charge customers millions for nuclear plants that were never going to be built.

FACTS: The nuclear cost recovery fee was signed into law by Governor Jeb Bush and Rick Scott has stood silently by as Big Utilities companies continue to pilfer customer’s pockets. That’s not surprising considering Rick Scott and the Republican Party of Florida have accepted millions of dollars in campaign donations from Florida’s power companies. Rick Scott had four years to stand up to the Big Utilities and he failed to do so – simply “utilities are winning and the consumers are losing.” 



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[Tampa Bay Times, 5/2/13]

Tampa Bay Times: “Virtually no one speaks up for the ratepayers – not Gov. Rick Scott, not state legislators and certainly not the lapdog Public Service Commission.” 5/2/13

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