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FACT CHECK: Rick Scott’s Claims on Taxes and Debt

CLAIM: Rick Scott says that Charlie Crist left Florida with $2.2 billion in higher taxes.

FACT: Charlie Crist was governor as the bottom fell out of the global economy. He made sure the middle class, families and seniors had more money in their pockets. Calling for two special sessions — to cut property taxes and property insurance rates — Charlie brought Republicans and Democrats together to deliver tax and cost relief to everyday Floridians. Gov. Crist refused to abandon education during the economic downtown, and ensured the state maintained its rock-solid credit rating.

Rick Scott’s policies are taking a massive bite out of Floridians’ paychecks, hikes to property taxesskyrocketing property insurance rates, and letting the big utility companies jack up rates. Scott even made it easier for health insurers to hike ratesFloridians know that Rick Scott is just not on their side, because they see the evidence in every paycheck.



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