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FACT CHECK: Rick Scott Keeps Coming Up Short on Job Creation

CLAIM: Rick Scott keeps saying he created jobs in Florida, like he promised he would in 2010.

FACT: Rick Scott keeps moving the goalposts on his promise to create 1.7 million jobs over seven years – now that he’s come up 1 million jobs short for Floridians.  After taking office, he backtracked, saying he would only create 700,000 jobs — and falsely claiming he had never promised Floridians any more. 

Why?  Because Scott’s corporate giveaways to create jobs have been a failure. He has given out $266 million in taxpayer dollars to companies promising to create jobs, but only 5% have actually been created.



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[Tampa Bay Times, 12/6/13

And watch here:

[Fox 13, 7/14]

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