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New Game Calls Out Congressman Southerland's Washington Way of Running for Re-Election

Mock board game highlights gaffes that reveal Southerland’s true priorities

Today, the Florida Democratic Party released a mock board game tracking Congressman Southerland’s campaign for reelection that includes his addiction to special interest money in exchange for political favors from Big Oil, the Koch Brothers, and King Ranch. The game also highlights some of the Congressman’s more infamous gaffes like his disparaging comments toward women and his men-only fundraiser, plus some of his more out-of-touch statements like his comment that his $174,000 salary was “not so much.” 

Southerland’s votes to cut funding for veterans and his lack of action on the Apalachicola River, are also included as stops along the way. In the end, Congressman Southerland’s Washington Way of shutting down the government and voting against the interests of North Florida’s middle-class families ultimately fails him in his quest for reelection. 

“Congressman Southerland’s Washington Way neglects the middle class and ignores the needs of North Floridians,” said Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux. “While we hope people enjoy the game, the reality is that when Congressman Southerland plays chicken with our national economy like he did with his votes for the shutdown, we all lose.”

To print your own copy of the board game, click here and here.

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