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Rick Scott is Now His Own Biggest Donor

Scott is Spending his Medicare Fraud Fortune on Unprecedented Levels of Negative TV Ads

Today, Florida Democratic Party Executive Director Scott Arceneaux released the following statement regarding Rick Scott giving himself a $12.8 million dollar bailout to fund his negative campaign:

“Today Floridians learned that Rick Scott has once again lied to them. After telling Floridians he would not spend his Medicare fraud millions to buy his reelection, Scott has finally disclosed that he has given $12,800,000 to his campaign in a last-ditch attempt to do just that. 

“Rick Scott is spending his ill-gotten campaign cash so fast, every 40 minutes he spends what a middle class Florida family makes in a year. Unfortunately for Rick Scott, his campaign has already spent $70 million on a negative ad campaign that has failed to put him over the top. Scott’s lies about Charlie Crist aren’t working, and shoveling in his Medicare fraud millions will fail too.”

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