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FDP Statement on Rick Scott’s Inauguration

Today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant made the following statement on Rick Scott’s inauguration as governor:

“As Rick Scott starts his second term, Floridians are wondering if this governor will do right by them — or if he will continue to side with big business and the wealthiest special interests. Over half of Floridians did not vote for Rick Scott, and Florida Democrats hope Scott governs on behalf of all Floridians, because the people need this governor to put them first. 

“Sadly, today Rick Scott again misled the public by claiming to have met his promise to create new jobs — while hundreds of thousands of middle-class Floridians are still looking for work. Floridians are going to be disappointed with four more years of this governor,  and will have to suffer through more of the same – an administration with contempt for public education and no plan to help to create well-paying jobs or grow the middle class.”

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