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A Banner Week for Florida Republican Scandals

It’s safe to say that the last 72 hours have laid bare the pettiness, arrogance, and contempt for open government of the Scott administration.  

Former FDLE Commissioner Bailey’s firing has exposed the Florida cabinet as a rubber stamp for Rick Scott. Putnam, Bondi, and Atwater allowed Florida’s top cop to be bullied out of office for refusing to let the FDLE become a campaign prop for Scott’s reelection. They never once asked why he was being forced out — a move Scott’s lawyer told Bailey was being done with the their full support. They were perfectly willing to forgo their duties to the people of Florida on the word of an administration that has never shown any interest in the truth. 

Here’s a look at just some of the headlines Rick Scott, Adam Putnam, and the rest of the cabinet have managed to earn this week.


Tampa Bay Times: Gov. Rick Scott’s ouster of FDLE commissioner followed months of tension between agency, campaign 

Tampa Bay Times: Gov. Scott insists ex-FDLE head resigned; Bailey calls Scott a liar 

Naples Daily News: Gov. Rick Scott changes answer, now says he forced out state’s law enforcement secretary 

Tampa Bay Times: Is Cabinet doing its job as a check on Gov. Rick Scott? 

AP: Rick Scott won’t explain shakeup at state police agency

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: Scott owes public answers about forcing out FDLE chief

Tampa Bay Times: Bondi stonewalls on questions about exit of FDLE’s Bailey

Tampa Bay Times: CFO Atwater said he played no role in Bailey’s departure

Miami Herald: Putnam no help in mystery of why Gerald Bailey is leaving FDLE

News Service of Florida: Cabinet backs Scott’s FDLE, DEP leadership changes

WFSU: Governor Insists Former FDLE Head Resigned As Bailey Says He Was Forced Out

Tampa Tribune: FDLE chief didn’t resign; he was forced out, Scott admits



Tampa Bay Times: Agriculture’s Putnam says Gov. Scott mishandled FDLE ouster

Miami New Times: Rick Scott Lied About Ousting Florida’s Top Cop Over Political Fights 

SaintPetersBlog: What’s the Scott administration going to do about Bailey’s firing? 

Palm Beach Post: Scott accuses former FDLE head of ‘petty attacks’

Miami Herald: As jobs czar Gray Swoope resigns, Florida Gov. Rick Scott faces fresh criticism over FDLE shakeup 

Miami Herald’s Fred Grimm: Florida’s top cop gets whacked by hardball politics 

Tampa Bay Times: Alex Sink: Cabinet officials are not telling whole story on FDLE’s Bailey

Tampa Bay Times: Court hears case challenging constitutionality of blind trust law

Tampa Bay Times: John Romano column: Hard to tell the liars from the wimps in Florida



Tampa Bay Times: On Bailey, will the real Adam Putnam please stand up?

Tampa Bay Times: Atwater expresses regret over Bailey’s exit

Tampa Bay Times: Cabinet Trifecta: Bondi shares misgivings about Bailey ouster

Miami Herald: Scott admin didn’t save records from former employees, but tells court it’s not gov’s fault

Tampa Bay Times: Could insurance chief could be next high-level official Scott asks to leave?

Tampa Bay Times: What a coincidence: Prasad’s new employer lands DOT contract

Pensacola New Journal’s Andy Marlette:

SaintPetersBlog’s Bill Day: 


SaintPetersBlog: Former FDLE Commissioner Jim York raises serious questions about the Rick Scott campaign and Gerald Bailey’s departure

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