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Marco Rubio is right

Marco Rubio has decided to take the week off from the job Floridians elected him to do in order to fundraise in California. While he’s busily pursuing his presidential ambitions, Rubio is missing meetings of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Intelligence Committee on ISIS and other national security threats. 

Yet Senator Rubio somehow managed to find the time to pen an op-ed criticizing President Obama for, as he sees it, not doing his duty to combat ISIS. Rubio writes that ”Lofty speeches and half measures do not defeat terrorist groups. They also do not keep Americans safe in the long term.”

Marco Rubio is right.

Let those not skipping out on foreign policy briefings to sip cocktails with wealthy donors in sunny California cast the first stones. If Rubio thinks launching a presidential campaign filled with hypocritical, politics-as-usual attacks is what Americans are looking for, he might need to sit back and take a sip of water.

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