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Five Questions for Florida’s Cabinet

As Florida’s elected cabinet officers go before the media at today’s AP Advance in Tallahassee, will they answer the serious questions raised by the firing of FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey?

1) You have praised Mr. Bailey and his tenure as FDLE Commissioner. He has leveled serious accusations against Scott’s administration that the governor’s office denies. Who do you think is telling the truth? 

2) You were misled by the governor’s office into firing a cabinet appointee under false pretenses. Could this have happened before?  

3) The governor’s office has said it intends to force out more cabinet appointees. Will you allow Governor Scott to continue to freely hire and fire cabinet appointees at will? 

4) Why was the firing and replacing of Mr. Bailey not discussed in public, as required by Florida’s open meeting law? 

5) Will you demand an investigation into the claims Mr. Bailey has made? 

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