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Jeb’s Education Plan: No Corporation Left Behind

Today, Jeb Bush and wealthy special interests will gather in Tallahassee for a self-congratulatory conference about how they have turned Florida’s education system into a profit-making machine for out-of-state corporations. (Of course, this is Jeb Bush, so he’s attending a lunchtime fundraiser with lobbyists first).

In response, Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement:

“Jeb Bush’s so-called ‘education summit’ is nothing more than a cheerleading session with right wing politicians and wealthy special interests looking to turn a profit on our children’s education. Giving billions of taxpayer dollars to private, for-profit corporations has done nothing to improve schools for millions of Florida children.

“No amount of gimmicky summits can undo the damage Jeb Bush did to Florida’s education system. Florida’s parents, students, and teachers remember all too well the slashes in school funding, the dramatic increases of college tuition, and the radical overemphasis on high-stakes testing that Bush brought to Florida.

“Just like the Bushes have always done, Jeb’s legacy is one of lining the pockets of the wealthy special interests with the hard-earned dollars of middle class taxpayers.”

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