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Grassroots Florida Republican of the Year? Not from Florida.

Well this must be a little awkward for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio…

The Sarasota Republican Party passed over Florida’s two presidential candidates to name Rand Paul the “Republican of the Year.”  

When Paul picks up his award in Sarasota, FL tomorrow, he will join previous event honorees such as Ted Cruz, Sean Hannity, and Donald Trump.

I am sure the Sarasota GOP had a difficult choice to make since all of the GOP presidential hopefuls perfectly espouse the Republican platform: fighting for millionaires at the expense of the middle class. Paul certainly has what it takes. He questions vaccines and rejects science, is rooting for another government shutdowndisparages the Civil Rights Act, and has no qualms about blatantly lying to the American people 

In any event, it’s clear what message Florida Republicans are sending Jeb and Marco:

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