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Legislative Session Begins With Empty Words for Middle Class, Handouts for Special Interests

As the legislative session opens in Tallahassee, Republicans are sure to spend hours upon hours talking about how they are going to ensure opportunity for the middle class.

But the facts tell the real story.

Last year, Republicans refused to even vote on issues like equal pay or Medicaid expansion, and the doors of opportunity remained shut for millions of Florida families. Meanwhile, the wealthiest corporations got millions in taxpayer handouts.

Now, before the start of the 2015 legislative session, it looks like nothing will change. Tallahassee Republicans have shown no interest in expanding access to health insurance, making strong investments in public schools, protecting our environment, or making it easier for Floridians to vote. They’d rather write discrimination into law than work to help the middle class. They’d rather continue to restrict a woman’s right to chose her own health care than expand access to care. They’d rather give handouts to the special interests than follow the will of the voters who overwhelmingly passed Amendment 1 last year.

Facing rising costs and shrinking wages, Florida’s middle class is struggling to get by. But Tallahassee Republicans will spend the next 60 days lining the pockets of wealthy special interests, while leaving the middle class behind. Today, Floridians don’t need more gimmicks and robotic talking points from the Republican legislature. They deserve leaders who will put their interests above the special interests.

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