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Reality Check: Rick Scott and the Florida GOP's Economic Record

Today, in a move that surprises no one, Rick Scott continued to misrepresent the facts, rewrite history, and lie about the Florida Republican economic record. 

Here are the facts: 

Under Rick Scott and Tallahassee Republicans, the cost of living for middle class Floridians has risen, while wages and job quality have fallen. Scott has hiked property taxes, let property insurance rates skyrocket, and let big utility companies raise rates. Scott even made it easier for health insurers to hike rates

The Florida GOP’s rhetoric doesn’t even try to address what middle class Floridians are feeling. Instead, Rick Scott wildly overstates his job creation record and repeats his debunked claim that he has reached his jobs promise. 

As has been repeatedly proven, Scott moved the goal posts on his jobs promise, cutting 1,000,000 jobs from his 1,700,000 jobs promise. He then spiked the football less than halfway to his promise — and even says with a straight face that he never made that promise. Additionally, after doling out more than a quarter of a billion dollars to companies promising to create jobs, a tiny fraction have actually been created.

Blatantly false talking points and gimmicks are not solutions to the problems middle class Floridians are facing. And the fact that Scott is buying TV ads to communicate rather than simply listening for Florida’s communities makes it clear how out of touch Florida Republicans like Rick Scott are. 

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