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What they're saying about Rick Scott's climate change gag order

Rick Scott’s gag order on the Department of Environmental Protection — the bury your head in the quickly-vanishing sand policy — has made headlines, well, just about everywhere… 

Newsweek: Under Rick Scott, Florida Environment Officials Said to be Barred From Saying ‘Climate Change’

Raw Story: Florida officials banned from saying ‘climate change’ because Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t think it’s real

Time: Florida Reportedly Bans Environment Officials From Mentioning Climate Change

Reuters: Florida bans use of ‘climate change’ by state agency: report

The Daily Beast: Florida Quietly Bans the Words ‘Climate Change’ in Environmental Protection Docs

MSNBC: Florida officials barred from mentioning climate change

CNN: On climate change, Florida officials told to speak no evil

New York Magazine: Florida Officials Say They Were Banned From Using the Term ‘Climate Change’ 

Washington Post: Throw Florida’s apparent rejection of the phrase ‘climate change’ onto the pile of anti-climate politics

Arstechnica: Report: Florida environment office told not to say “climate change”

Huffington Post: Florida Officials Were Barred From Using The Term ‘Climate Change’ Once Rick Scott Took Power

Mashable: First rule of climate change in Florida: don’t mention climate change 

Bloomberg: Florida Officials Say They Were Banned From Saying ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Global Warming’ 

US News and World Report: Florida Muffles Climate Change Talk 

Chicago Sun-Times: In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott, bans use of ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming’ in reports 

Fusion: Report: Florida officials banned from using the term ‘climate change’

USA Today: Fla. gov. bans the terms climate change, global warming

The Hill: Fla. officials banned from using ‘climate change’?

New Orleans Times-Picayune: ‘Climate change,’ ‘global warming’ terms banned by Florida environmental agency, newspaper reports 

Wonkette: Florida Sees, Hears, And Speaks No Climate Change. Also: Sinks Into The Sea

Esquire: Here’s Some Stupid For Lunch 

The Atlantic: Politics and the Floridian Language 

FCIR: In Florida, Officials Ban Term ‘Climate Change’ 

WTSP: Florida to Workers: Don’t Say ‘Climate Change’

Slate: Florida Bans State Environmental Workers From Using the Term Climate Change 

The Guardian: Florida banned state workers from using term ‘climate change’ – report

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