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Jeb's "Sunshine Week" Forecast: Shady

While Jeb Bush is certainly no stranger to hypocrisy, his attacks over the use of a private email account take the cake. 

Of the more than 3 million emails Jeb sent and received, he has publicly released a pitiful 8%. That is a failing grade on transparency by any measure. 

Even more troublingly, Bush and his staff violated Florida public records law by taking over 7 years to turn emails from his governorship over to the state — a task that should have been completed at the end of his term in 2007.

Worst of all, while he was Governor, Jeb Bush used his private, less secure email network to discuss the deployment and mobilization of Florida’s servicemembers in the Middle East. Additionally, Bush used his private email to consider security changes at Florida’s nuclear power plants

While Jeb Bush may say he wants to run a “joyful” campaign, voters are learning what Floridians have known for years: hypocrisy and baseless mudslinging are the hallmarks of a Bush campaign.

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