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Statement on Florida GOP’s Radical Waiting Period Bill

Today, Florida Republicans repeated their misguided priorities and radical agenda by voting down an amendment offered by Rep. Jared Moskowitz that would have provided an exception to 24-hour waiting periods before an abortion for cases of rape, incest, and or the mother’s health.

Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant released the following statement:

“Yet again, Tallahassee Republicans have shown they believe in a government so small it fits in the exam room with a woman and her doctor. By failing to provide an exception to the waiting period in cases of rape or incest, the Republican Party of Florida has made it clear that they put Tea Party ideology over the health and safety of Florida’s women.

“For GOP legislators to tell the women of Florida that they know how to better make decisions about their health is as ridiculous as it is condescending. Floridians deserve better.”

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