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April Fools: Senate GOP Reverses Support For Florida Dreamers

Today, following the Senate’s undoing of their vote in favor of Senator Darren Soto’s amendment to cut funding for Pam Bondi’s anti-Dreamer legal maneuvering, FDP Executive Director Scott Arceneaux issued the following statement: 

“They say the definition of a gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth. Today, Senate Republicans committed a major gaffe when they rushed to undo a favorable vote on Senator Darren Soto’s amendment to end Pam Bondi’s legal assault on President Obama’s immigration action. 

“Andy Gardiner and the Republican leadership in the Senate failed to pay attention as the amendment passed, and then made it clear to Florida’s Hispanic community that their support of Dreamers was an ‘accident.’ The GOP’s scramble to get back on their anti-Dreamer message shows all Floridians that the Republican leadership prioritizes Pam Bondi’s radical partisan stunt over doing what’s right for the people of Florida.”

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