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Boss Curry in Hiding?

Mayoral Candidate Hasn’t Held a Public Event in 2 Weeks

“Boss Curry has a history of failing to show up for work,” said FDP’s Steele

Jacksonville, FL ­– Party Boss Lenny Curry has gone MIA yet again. It’s been two weeks since Curry has held a public event, leaving the citizens of Jacksonville wondering why he has gone into hiding.
Party Boss Lenny Curry must think his special interest cash can put him over the top, because he hasn’t held a public event in two weeks.  But this isn’t the first time Party Boss Curry has run away from doing his job:
• After Mayor Peyton appointed Curry to the city Housing Commission in 2008, Curry skipped two-thirds of his meetings — and then resigned his appointed job.

• After Gov. Crist appointed Curry to the State Boxing Commission in 2010, Curry skipped half his meetings — and then resigned his appointed job.

• Curry walked away from his job as Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, where he implemented the same negative and false political attacks his campaign is using now.

“Why is Party Boss Curry hiding from the people of Jacksonville? It’s been two weeks since Boss Curry’s last public appearance, and a pattern has emerged. Curry skipped out on his job on Jacksonville’s Housing Commission, resigned after failing to show up for his State Boxing Commission appointment, and walked away from his role as party chair. That’s not leadership – that’s a record of laziness and failure.
“A mayor doesn’t get to walk away when times are tough, and its clear Lenny Curry simply isn’t up for the job. Jacksonville deserves better than a partisan party hack who cannot be bothered to show up for work,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Max Steele. 

Curry Skipped Two Thirds Of His Housing Commission Meetings While Jacksonville Bled In The Housing Crisis – And Then Failed To Complete His Term. In 2008, Mayor Peyton appointed Lenny Curry to the board of the Jacksonville Housing Commission (now known as the Jacksonville Housing and Community Development Commission). A total of 17 meetings were held during that time. According meeting minutes, he attended only six of them. None of his 11 absences were listed as excused. [Resolution 2008-584, Jacksonville City Council; Resolution 2008-731, Jacksonville City Council; Jacksonville City Council meeting minutes, July 22, 2008; Resolution 2011-334, Jacksonville City Council meeting minutes, June 28, 2011; Jacksonville Housing And Community Development Commission; Jacksonville Housing And Community Development Commission meeting minutes, 2008-2012]

Curry Skipped Half Of His State Boxing Commission Meetings And Failed To Complete His Term. In May 2010, Gov. Crist appointed Curry to the Florida State Boxing Commission with a term set to expire September 30, 2013. During his time on the commission, he attended only four of its eight meetings for which information is available and did not finish his term. [States News Service via, April 5, 2010; Tampa Bay Times, February 4, 2011; Jacksonville Daily Record, February 7, 2011; State Boxing Commission meeting minutes 2010-2012]

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