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Statement on Sen. Stargel’s Gay Adoption Amendment

Today, in response to Senator Kelli Stargel’s bigoted amendment that would keep LGBT Floridians from adopting children, FDP Chair Allison Tant issued the following statement: 

“Senator Stargel should be ashamed to file such a hateful amendment that seeks to reduce loving LGBT parents to second-class citizens. Her effort to ban gay adoption is a losing attempt to refight a battle LGBT Floridians won years ago.

“At a time when the Florida legislature is facing crises on numerous fronts, this misguided distraction shows everyone just how out of touch Tallahassee Republicans are with the majority of Floridians. From trying to ban Floridians from using the bathroom to attempting to rollback a woman’s right to access medical care, the GOP legislature seems to only be capable of two things this session: fighting each other and proposing discriminatory legislation. 

“Senator Stargel should stop trying to undo the progress Florida has made on LGBT rights. Instead, she and her colleagues should focus on working to resolve the GOP civil war that is preventing the legislature from passing a budget and expanding access to affordable health care.”

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